Focus on the goal - always

Focus on the goal - always

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To reach your goal you need to keep the focus.

When you focus on something, it expands.

And for you to stay focused on your activities, which will lead you to success in achieving your goal, consider these three attitudes:

  1. Block distractions.

    • Eliminate or neutralize the things that distract you. Make an analysis of things that take your attention and that leads you to divert your focus and neutralize them. For example, plan and separate all materials needed to run your activity before you start it. Leave your social networks offline during the period of your activity, etc.
  2.  Anticipate interruptions.

    • Anticipate possible disruptions of your activities. Many distractions are obvious, all you have to do is watch out and take preventive action to avoid these interruptions. For example, turn off your cell phone or keep it in airplane mode during the execution of your activity or even put a message on your door, so you do not be disturbed for a certain period, etc.
  3. Do not put too much time to perform an activity.

    • The longer your activity, the greater the likelihood of diversion of attention and disruption. Schedule activities, meetings, and short assignments. It will be more productive and probably easier.


Remember, when you focus on something, it expands. Therefore, focus your attention on what will lead you to reach your goal.

Focus on the goal - always!

Regards. I see you in the next post.


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